What We Stand For


Our vision is to become the region’s first pioneering holding company that reinvents business models for energy generation and distribution. We aim to provide investors with maximized and sustainable revenues, along with transforming the energy sector into a sustainable, secure, and affordable platform.

We aspire to become the most trusted reference for our shareholders and stakeholders, offering real impact that goes beyond achieving financial revenue while adding a positive environmental and societal value to the community.


Our mission is to secure growing and recurring revenue for our shareholders by diversifying our portfolio and cultivating emergent and untapped lucrative investment opportunities.

We aim to go beyond securing financial investment, to take an active role in shaping the energy sector. In order to benefit our stakeholders, we use our management and consultancy expertise to engage in setting strategies and policies capable of transforming communities.

Our Values


We utilise the expertise of our highly professional cadre to provide our shareholders and stakeholders with sustainable value. We place emphasis on the quality of our deliverables and processes to ensure satisfaction on all levels.


We bring a fresh perspective to conventional businesses by embracing challenges and investment opportunities that can recur financial revenues. We identify and seize prospective investments to achieve growth for our portfolio.


We are passionate about developing profitable and responsible businesses through investment. Our passion helps us build and foster relationships with our stakeholders and exceed their expectations.



We place ethics, honesty, and transparency at the heart of our corporate culture and everything we do. We are committed to high integrity standards to create an environment of trust for our employees and shareholders.


As a leader in energy investment in Jordan, we cultivate untapped markets and invest in emerging technologies after thoroughly assessing opportunities. Diversity and innovation can increase efficiency and achieve financial sustainability of our investments.


We help our employees develop their expertise and skills to enhance performance. Similarly, our stakeholders rely on us for support, capacity building, and strategic planning to achieve their objectives.

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