KEC Donates 31,000 JOD Donation to Al Fuhais Martyrs Post a Terrorist Attack

KEC donated JOD 31,000 to the Martyrs fund.  This donation came in following his Majesty’s latest directives to support martyrs’ families and the casualties of a recent terror attack in Jordan.

“This cowardly criminal act always reminds us that our country is targeted by the oppressors who wish evil upon us all,” King Abdullah said.

“Jordanians are stronger when they face such events, and they are more enthusiastic to clean our country and the region and protect our religion.Our goal is always to break the back of terrorism and we will not depart from this goal despite the sacrifices.”

One police officer died in a rare bomb blast in al-Fuhais, followed by 3 others in a raid on a terrorist cell in Al-Salt. The two incidents occurred in August and have left other officers injured. Security forces have killed three gunmen and arrested five others after a successful raid.

KEC donations and continuous support to the Jordanian Armed Forces stem from its belief in the noble role they play to protect Jordanians, refugees, and visitors. Embedded deeply in its corporate social responsibility, KEC believes all private sector entities have a role to play to improve the livelihood of the society and to support local organisations.

KEC’s donation was coupled with a generous donation of JOD 43,000 from Irbid District Electricity Company (IDECO), a subsidiary of Electricity Distribution Company (EDCO), a KEC owned company.

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