It is essential to the sustainability of our business to find the balance within our investments to guarantee improvements in the livelihood of the societies and ecosystems we operate within, along with securing recurring revenues. 

At KEC, we pay close attention to sustainability. From building a responsible culture within our team and integrating sustainability in our day-to-day processes and projects, to allocating an annual corporate social responsibility budget as a contribution to carefully selected local organizations.

We consider the triple bottom line of sustainability; planet, people, and profit, the guiding compass of what we do. At KEC, we found the equilibrium of the three Ps and we constantly aspire to maintain it by aligning it with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. We are committed to Goals 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13, and 17.


Planet earth is facing serious threats that risk its inhabitability for all creatures, including us, humans. From climate change to resource depletion, these problems despite being challenging, have created emerging markets with new opportunities that can be cultivated. The energy sector accounts for two-thirds of the greenhouse gases, this calls for a shift towards greener and cleaner energy resources.  

Jordan imports 96% of its energy and 95% of its electricity is produced by non-renewable sources. Jordan’s location within the solar belt creates great potential for solar projects to locally produce clean electricity and improve energy security in isolation from external threats. This is where KEC defined a market gap and refined its business model to harness the potential of solar to build more robust communities.

KEC invested in four major solar Photovoltaic farms with a total capacity of 50 MW. These projects cover the electricity needs of 60,000 customers annually and reduce CO2 emissions by 71,535 tons per annum by avoiding the use of electricity produced by conventional polluting resources.


In addition to KEC's cadre, its investments created almost 3,400 jobs across the kingdom in energy generation and distribution. KEC has a moral obligation towards its employees, local communities, and organisations. This stems from its strong belief that enhancing the living conditions of societies improves the welfare and productivity of individuals.

KEC abides by Jordan Labour Law and strives to create a friendly and comfortable environment for its employees to reach their full potential. Thus, we constantly provide employees with training and capacity building opportunities to develop and grow in different areas. 


KEC dedicates an annual budget for corporate social responsibility to support local charities and organisations 



Tkiyet Um Ali; an NGO that seeks to eradicate hunger by providing sustainable food aid to the most under-privileged in Jordan. In addition to feeding 30,000 families on monthly basis, Tkiyet Um Ali conducts research and builds partnerships to combat hunger and malnutrition.



King Hussein Cancer Foundation; the largest community-based organization dedicated to combatting cancer in Jordan. KHCF is actively involved in fighting cancer through fundraising and supporting disadvantaged patients. It provides a cancer care coverage program as well as other programs to increase awareness, to prevent and detect cancer early.



KEC donates to The Hashemite Commission for Disabled Soldiers (HCDS) and Martyrs Fund as an appreciation to their efforts for enforcing security. KEC supports other organisations as it sees fit, such as paying tuition fees to students through the “University Fees Assistance Program” which is initiated by Caritas Jordan.


KEC finds the balance between generating recurring revenues and exploring technological disruption and innovation. Its diverse and sustainable business model makes KEC easily adaptable to market changes. KEC has major shares in two of the three electricity distribution companies in Jordan. In addition to that, it taps into emerging markets and cultivates the investment opportunities that come with it.

Having a sound financial track record and creating healthy partnerships with governmental entities, the private sector, and civil society organisations, makes KEC a trusted holding company for investors and an experienced advisory body for legislators.

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